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What they Say About BDA Training
Ayonna Price

Class: 2013
Ht: 5'11
Pos: W
SB Team:
School: Bellermine Prep
Bio: 2008 RYB Tourney MVP; 2008 National Adidas Phemon Camp- All Star

" Playing for Coach Stacey is not just a basketball team. It's way more. One big family! And once you join the family, not only your skills improve, your character matures. That's what Coach Stacey did for me. Before then I had a huge attitude with my coaches and teammates. The coaches and teammates helped me overcome it. I'm a better basketball player and person because of it. We all have each others back. I luv the SB girls and coaches. I was a post, now I'm a guard/Wing."
Katrina Cryderman

Class: 2012
Ht: 5'10
Pos: W
SB Team: HS Girls(Black)
School: Juanita HS

"Coach Stacey has my game to the next level. My confidence in my JUMP shot and ball handling have greatly improved. As a better player I can contribute to any team I play on. He has completely changed my game for the better."

Kaitlynn Bunger

Class: 2012
Ht: 5'5
Pos: PG, G
SB Team: HS Black
School: Mt. Tahoma
Bio: 2008 NW Elite Showcase

"The Academy has done many things for my game. Its made me a smarter and better player. The biggest change in my game has been my attitude. I have developed a better shot and I'm more controlled on the court. Coach Stacey has not only developed me on the court, but in life as well."
John Gage

Class: 2010
Ht: 6'9
Pos: W
College: Stanford University (Scholarship)

Bio: 2008-10 Nisqually League player of the year as a sophomore, 2008-10 National Ranking

"Coach Stacey's training has really made my game. Before my training I was a very average player with few skills, but he helped to complete my game and I can not give enough credit to Coach Stacey in my personal basketball development. I owe my whole jump shot to him."

John Gage interview Click Here
Jerrell Flora

Class: 2010
Ht: 6'4
Pos: G
College: Seattle University (Scholarship)

Bio: All-League, All-Conference, All-State, All-Tournament Team

" I was a post/forward in my junior year of high school. I went to Caoch Stacey in the summer before my senior year and was converted to a shooting guard. My stats went from 8pts to 24pts and 8 rebs to 25 rebs."

Read article on his miraculous development athttp://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2009/dec/31/flora-the-main-guy-for-knights

**** These statements are true and can be verified upon request ****

I first met Stacey after he had invited my son to come try out at a team practice. His whole approach and pure honest interest in my son’s game had me hooked from day one. And of course, my son was enamored. He lays a foundation with each and every kid that he coaches. They are eager to learn from him and stay focused in what they need to do. Above all they remember the fundamental game of basketball to the core. He coaches on an individual level and on a team level covering all aspects of the sport. He trains his players to become better in all components of the game. He maintains an unconditional and supportive non-judgmental view, regardless of their background, lifestyles, and aspirations.. He ensures his relationships are successful and he continually assesses their personal goals in the game, education, and life. He is a true inspiration as a coach, a mentor and a friend.

Amanda J.
Olympia, WA


"Coach Stacey, I appreciate your help with the growth of our game. I would love to come out and see your program and support it anyway I can. "

June Daugherty
Washington State University
Head Basketball Coach


"Holy smokes, I have been trying to get my son to shoot not throw on his shot for years and in basically ½ a session he is doing it! I am very impressed with your overall training ability, especially getting him to break a habit and doing it correctly. "

Shawn H.
Vashon Island HS Coach
Vashon Island, WA


"Please let Stacey know she was motivated by her workout on Saturday. It was also helpful for me be see some of the work first hand. She's thriving with Stacey's direction."

Dave S.
Seattle, WA


"My son is enjoying your sessions and it appears his shot is improving greatly since working with you. Thank you for your commitment to him we thankful for your instruction."

Robert O.
Federal Way, WA


"I just want to let you know that we really appreciate what you doing for my daughter. The most important thing is she trust you and that is giving her a lot of confidence. Now, she is taking everything more serious."

Sabina M.
Renton, WA


"I hope your son enjoys and benefits from his experience with Stacey as much as my son. I am not exaggerating when I say "Stacey is the best!". We didn't even get a chance to talk about how Stacey has helped me as a parent support my son in his love of basketball. "

Wendy G.
Vashon Island, WA

"My daughter really enjoyed the last session with Coach Stacey. I usually don't hover around practices or workout, after this one, she was so excited- the only thing that bothered her is that i didn't watch! I like Stacey's approach and will certainly refer people to him."

Neil C.
Mill Creek, WA

​"How lucky she - we - are to have hooked up with you. Of all the people who my kids have come into contact with through the years - teachers, coaches, people at church, parents of friends - none has been so clearly and completely a positive influence. You have a wonderful spirit that engulfs everything about and around you. As I mentioned on the phone, Stacey, it takes less than a couple minutes of watching and listening to you when you're working with kids to see how happy you are to be doing what you're doing. "

Fred M.
Bellingham, WA

"Hey Stacey, Ben and I would like to see you this week, if possible. He's headed off to play ball for UPS, with an academic scholarship. You are a huge, huge part of that success, and we would like to say thank you."

Ray Z.
Seattle, WA
Krammer Taylor

Class: 2011
Ht: 5'11
Pos: G
SB Team: HS Elite
School: Woodinville HS
College: Lewis & Clark University, OR​

Bio: 2008 UW Elite Camper, 2008 National Adidas Top 150 Camper, Starting Guard at Lake Washington HS

"Thanks to Coach Stacey and Seattle's Best Basketball I'm headed to play basketball on a basketball scholarship. The personal training was worth every moment of hard work. "
Masha Shtikel

Class: 2013
Ht: 5'9
Pos: SG
SB Team: HS Gold
School: Shorewood HS

Bio: 2008 RYB All-Tournament, 2008 National Adidas Phenom Camp All-Star

"There's not enough words to describe BDA. I feel if I hadn't joined I wouldn't have had a chance to play in college. After meeting coach Stacey I feel my chances have gone up. My skills have drasticly changed from a post player to a point guard and a leader. Before joining BDA I wouldn't shoot or dribble to save my life. But that has totally changed. My confidence has soared from the help of training, coaching, and teammates. Everything from SB has greatly helped."

Joey Reavley
Class: 2011
Ht: 6'0
Pos: G

SB Team: HS Elite
School: Woodinville HS

Bio: 2008 UW Elite Camper, 2008 National Adidas Top 150 Camper- #15 Ranking, Starting Guard at Woodinville HS

"Coach Stacey has helped me fine tune my abilities and taught me to look at the little details of basketball to make me a smarter and overall more complete player"

NK Medani
Class: 2013
Ht: 5'8
Pos: G
SB Team:
School: Bellermaine Prep

Bio: 2006 RYB All-Tourney, 2007 RYB "MVP", 2008 RYB All-Tourney

"What Coach Stacey has done for my game has been Phenomenal! I was a post and I'm a true guard now. I have learned so much about playing basketball thatI am physically and mentally ready for whatever thrown at me. when I first joined BDA I was OK. Now, after two years people say I am an exceptional player and athlete. But I know, and Coach stacey has told all of us, we have a long ways to go to reach our FULL potential."

​Jordan Armstrong
Class: 2013
Ht: 5'5
Pos: G

SB Team: 17U
School: Kennedy HS

" BDA has made me a better player in both skills and confidence. When I first came to SB I didn't have a lot of basketball skills. Now I can do whatever I put my mind to. If I didn't come to BDA I would still be playing on my school team with no confidence or skills. thanks Coach Stacey!"

Basketball Development Academy

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Feedback from Reno Academy Parents
My name is Nyaabila Apambire. Coach Stacey has developed me from a player that just played on my athletic ability. I have received a jump shot jumping at least 10x higher that I shot before. I have also traveled to the Seattle academy and played with them in national tournaments / showcases. I have went to college unofficially meetings with college coaches with Coach Stacey. There is so much more BDA has to teach me and I can't wait.

Damonte Ranch High
Class of 2017

Our kids have come a long way in such a short period of time with BDA. We are very impressed with the individual attention amd tje love for the sport. Thank you for all you do. 

Marvin and Rachel
My kids have learned tremendous ball handling skills and are so pumped up about the game! BDA is a positive environment and also a place my kids have clearly gone to the next level in a short period of time.

 K Coombs
My son Sean is not only learning the fundamentals of basketball, but essential life lessons as well. It's money well spent. I'm very happy with the results. 

S. Sear
Carson City
The first thing my child noticed from this academy is there aren't any favorites. The coaches work with each individual child focusing and fixing their errors and progressing their abilities. My child has played basketball for 4 years and is finally learning proper shooting and ball handling techniques as well as learning and running the different plays at different positions.

A Williams
My son has played for the other two programs in Reno. Coach Stacey and BDA is by far the best program in the area. He is a great teacher and very patient. Coach Stacey has integrity and is a true professional. 

M Lewis