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Thank you for visiting our Academy. BDA, was established for the sole purpose of assisting in the development of any student who desires to be the best he or she can be in the game of basketball.
BDA was founded in 1996 as Seattle's Best Basketball Academy by Stacey Scott. Kelly Edwards & LocalHoops was given the reigns to the Seattle Academy. Coach Stacey has been working with young players in the United States for over 30 years.

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SoCal Academy off to great start...

Open Team Tryouts weekly & ​​​​​​​
walk-ins are welcome to group trainings

Click the above link to view footage that captures the development of our students by filming them at our first encounter and again as we correct skill and IQ issues. To the left is before & after proof of our development process.
Here's the latest Los Angeles area interview of our own Coach Stacey regarding our newest SoCal area academy.
Acheiving a lifelong goal of playing D1 college basketball
Live Training Session to the left
Congrats to Stevie Shpreyregina for attaining a dream of preforming on the highest stage in college at Washington State University. Stevo started training with Coach Stacey in 5th grade.
Our training is broken up into two separate phases, Skill & IQ development. The first focuses on the muscles and the second focuses on the understanding of the game.